Markings of Wildness by Anne Willson

Markings of Wildness by Anne Willson

Anne Willson was born in Wilmington, NC in 1959. Although she started in the arts as a potter, she shifted into nonprofit arts and worked for over twenty-seven years in the sector in North Carolina and Tennessee. She was first exposed to sculptural weaving at a MassArts workshop in Bennington, VT in 2009 and began exploring the process. In 2016 she returned to North Carolina, shifted her work with nonprofits to teaching strategic planning, and returned to the studio.

Willson’s Sculptural Weaving is rooted in the natural world. With a focus on information that exists beyond literal translation, the art functions as a marking of wilderness and inherent knowledge, both in the environment and in our human selves.

Note from the curator

I hope you can see from the images below that theses sculptural weavings and contemporary baskets are intricate and precise. It was important to me to capture every twist and turn of the vine used in these weavings with light. As you scroll through images, ask yourself: how does the shadow of this piece change my perception of what I see? I hope you enjoy!

Photography by Rex Sauls.

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