Checkmate Rocky Mount

First Carolina Bank, Hotline Express, and the City of Rocky Mount’s Imperial Centre presents Checkmate Rocky Mount. Checkmate Rocky Mount is a simul chess exhibition featuring the U.S. World Chess Master & Guinness World Book Record Holder Jude Acers.

About the Event

Sunday, October 8th

Starting at 1:00 pm – until

Free for participants with pre-registration.

Ages: Chess knows no age

Skill: Must know how to play, how to set up the board, and how to record moves.

All players registered in the exhibition will be played simultaneously. It is estimated that the exhibition will be completed by 7 PM. In addition to the chess exhibition, participants and event goers will enjoy live music featuring Red Herring beginning at 4 PM.

Read rules for simultaneous play

About Jude Acers

From his world chess table on Decatur St. in New Orleans’ French Quarter, Jude Acers commands his chess empire. Playing all who dare, his aggressive style comes at you like Hannibal harnessing a hurricane. His disarming grin and the inevitable thrusting handshake after the annihilation of your pieces reflects the life work of “the man in the red beret”… a belief that the passion for chess can universally lift all people to live better, more independent lives.

Chess comes easy to no one. Guided by a singular focus and high powered curiosity, Jude has propelled himself to super star status in the chess world. Since first learning to play as a child, he has honed his skills and elevated his tactics to become a World Chess Master, a Guinness World Record holder, and author of several books and articles. His tours and exhibitions have taken him around the world from big cities and small towns to prison complexes and middle schools while delighting and inspiring thousands who may not have considered chess exciting. He’ll play a stranger in a lonely bus depot on the way to a world class event in a major metro setting, always willing to share his philosophy of living a better life in today’s complex world by understanding the simplicity of the game of chess. For more about Acers visit his website.

The event planners of CheckMate Rocky Mount are honored to welcome Mr. Jude Acers to our community in October as part of his 2017 exhibition tour. As they say in the Quarter… “Lassiez les bon temps rouler!”

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